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Smile Whitening

Have you ever wondered how to get white teeth? Just turn on the TV and you’ll see a commercial for a bleaching product to whiten and brighten your smile. Sure those over-the-counter products are tempting, but if you want professional results with the comfort and convenience of home whitening, we can help. Our smile design team can recommend a few different options to find an effective method that suits your needs. Patients can enjoy the benefits of Nite White. We also utilize Ultradent’s Opalescence series, starting with Boost for a one-hour whitening in-office to provide the perfect jump start. Patients also receive custom trays to take home for added convenience. We’ll send you home with simple instructions and the tooth whitening product that’s right for you. Valo Dentistry also offers a unique, disposable tray option called “Go Tray” also by Opalescence. Available only through dentists, this product has proven popular as a way to introduce whitening and to whiten easily without impressions or custom trays. The cost is about the same as other options sold in stores.

We welcome questions and comments, providing creative solutions to help achieve the best possible outcome. So, ask us today about our “Go Trays,” and get started today. Just promise you’ll come back to show us the result!