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Toledo Smile Gallery

Our Smile Gallery showcases some of our actual patients and the amazing transformations that have been made to their smiles.

Our Whitening cases display the amazing difference that can be made with our in-office whitening treatments.

See how dental implants can completely change the life of someone with missing teeth in our before and after photos.

Dental bonding and dental veneers are two options that can be used to easily fix a smile that has been worn down, chipped, or damaged through the years.

Finally, we show the results of MTM Clear aligners for a faster, less noticeable way to get a straight smile. Our happy patient said,

I always wished my bottom teeth were straighter.  Now, I no longer worry about them becoming more crooked.  It is easier to have them cleaned by my hygienist, and I have nice bottom teeth that look as good as the top teeth.  The process didn’t hurt, people didn’t know the aligners were in my mouth, and I did not have difficulty talking.  My advice to others: don’t wait so long to do this!”  – Sandra

Another patient who also experienced the MTM Clear aligners and transformed her smile said:

“I was unhappy with my smile, especially my lower teeth.  I had braces before but stopped wearing my retainer.  I am very happy with my new smile! I feel more confident with having straight teeth again. My experience was virtually pain-free, and so fast.  Most people did not know I was wearing anything on my teeth.  I felt like I could go through my day without the self-conscious feeling of having braces.  Dr. Valo and his staff were always friendly and made me feel very comfortable during the whole process.  I highly recommend using aligners with Dr. Valo if you want to see fast results with your smile.” – Jennifer